Exotic Automobiles Exotic and luxury cars are most appreciated within our organization.  Our core focus is to remove the serious business of owning your exotic or luxury car and shift that responsibility to our team of specialists.  Whether you own one awesome car or one thousand awesome cars; we possess the focus and knowledge to structure your insurance policy so you are strategically insured without gaps in coverage.  


Private Aircraft - Insuring your private aircraft is complex and there is a tremendous amount to consider when doing so.  If you’re in the market to analyze the current insurance needs of your personal aircraft or fleet, we’re in the market to give you access to a wide array of carrier options. 


Private WatercraftBeing out on the water is relaxing, refreshing and invigorating.  You've worked hard for this time of solace and you deserve to know that your investment is insured properly.  MX3 represents all of the top rated insurance companies that specialize in watercraft.  Additionally, we employ those that share your hobby and understand your concerns.


Luxury HomesWhether your on the water, the golf course, high atop a mountain or relaxing in your luxury penthouse in Dubai; we've got you covered.  Your prized possession, your place of serenity, the place you call home is most certainly of interest to our firm.  Coverages are important to those who live a luxurious lifestyle and we are more than equipped to consult with you regarding your specific needs.