Data Breach / Cyber Liability - Any organization operating a Web site or conducting e-business needs protection from an invading army of exposures, such as e-theft, destruction of critical data, defamation, libel, copyright or trademark infringement, e-vandalism, e-threats, denial of service, and more. MX3 is poised to manage all of your Cyber Liability needs.


Manufacturing - In manufacturing, nearly everything carries risk. Whether it’s your facility, equipment breakdowns, supplier or distributor challenges, product transmission, liability or employee safety — you need insurance coverage’s tailored to your operations. We possess the expertise to manage the specific insurance requirements your business demands.


Transportation - From semis to limousines, from owner-operators to fleets, MX3 Insurance Agency has the coverage you need to protect your business. We are contracted with many insurance companies specializing in all aspects of the trucking and transportation industry. We supply a broad range of affordable coverage’s for public auto, business auto and trucking clients.


Heavy Equipment - MX3 provides a depth of experience along with a broad understanding of your Inland Marine insurance needs. We represent the best in class Inland Marine insurers in the world and offer an array of coverage options to suit all of your needs.



Workers' Compensation - The idea behind workers' compensation is simple. It's a no-fault insurance program. As an employer you pay for workers' compensation insurance and in return your business is covered for work-related accidents. MX3 has agreements with many insurance companies that will cater to your specific business needs.